IATEFL 2018 – Brighton UK

What an incredible experience IATEFL 2018 has been! With over 1200 representative from all corners of the world, the most important conference for Teachers of English was held in Brighton, UK, between 10th and 13th April this year.
I presented on the last day of the conference… it was an amazing experience sharing about Social and Emotional Learning with teachers from all over the world… you might think it would be difficult to blend so many different countries and nationalities within one single topic, but it wasn’t. We all share the same interest and crave for a different kind of education, where our students are seen and considered as whole beings… we all experience a connection that goes beyond cultural boundaries, we all perceive there is a missing piece in Education…

The title of my presentation was.”Social and Emotional Learning, and inside- out transformation for your classroom”- I shared my own experience in the development of these skills with more than 80 attendees… We reflected and shared different views on how to best approach the development of SEL, and we also discussed about different implementations in different countries around the world.

I am so happy to have been part of this event!

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